Four girls from everywhere.
A school in the middle of somewhere.
A city at the edge of anywhere.
A school story like you'll find nowhere else.

The Extras is a modern take on a classic boarding school story, a slice-of-life comedy / fantasy about the everyday adventures of growing up. Located in the City, the School of Saints Java and Hellbender is as much a character in the story as the girls from almost everywhere who live and learn there, and just as full of secrets.

Chapter: 3: Midterms Page: Ask Riley

5th Aug 2022, 3:00 PM

Ask Riley

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Firefly Jelly

Firefly Jelly 5th Aug 2022, 3:00 PM
This page was an opportunity to put in a bunch of objects we've seen before. There's Shelby's recorder, Chantilly's radio, and more.

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5th Aug 2022, 10:01 PM
Yes! Yes!

Two bowling lanes:

One for Tenpins
One for Candlepins.
Firefly Jelly
5th Aug 2022, 10:42 PM
Firefly Jelly
I don't know which version of bowling is Shelby's favored one. But it's noisy and she gets to knock things over, so she likes it. I imagine her stepdad used to take her before she came to the school.
I also would feel bad for whoever is directly below them, something Riley also no doubt takes into consideration...
12th Apr 2023, 10:58 PM
Yes! A bowling alley would be awesome! I like how Shelby thinks!
Firefly Jelly
14th Apr 2023, 7:27 PM
Firefly Jelly
The girls in the rooms above, below, and on either side of theirs might disagree...
14th Apr 2023, 10:55 PM
Hah! That's a good point.