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The Extras is a modern take on a classic boarding school story, a slice-of-life comedy / fantasy about the everyday adventures of growing up. Located in the City, the School of Saints Java and Hellbender is as much a character in the story as the girls from almost everywhere who live and learn there, and just as full of secrets.

Chapter: 3: Midterms Page: Recording #8- Nihal

21st Apr 2023, 3:00 PM

Recording #8- Nihal

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Firefly Jelly

Firefly Jelly 21st Apr 2023, 3:00 PM
Nihal gets her turn at the recorder! We've had fun with her in her occasional appearances in the story so far. Like many of the young women at SJ&H, she came for the math, science, and engineering focus. Her home neighborhood of Azhern Square, being a center of technology, has many such schools, but she got the adventure bug like Chantilly did and ended up far from home.

Sally Blaze is the main character in a longish piece of fiction I wrote in this same setting, done as a series of journals about her experiences during the baseball season. I noted what seemed to be a family resemblance and decided that Nihal and Sally were cousins. Pam decided on the charming gap between their front teeth being one of the tells.

Pro baseball in the City is approximately equal to minor league A-ball in the USA or high-level semi-pro ball. Women in the game are rare, as they are in our world, but Sally has her secret weapon: she can throw a great knuckleball, a pitch that relies on skill and technique rather than brute arm strength. Sally has a real-life parallel in Eri Yoshida, a Japanese knuckleballer (who threw sidearm, to boot) who was the only woman on a small market pro team in Texas.

We're nearing the end of Book 3, and that means that the process of preparing Book 3 for print has begun. We hope to have it out sometime by late summer! I'll have it with me for sale at whatever fall conventions I end up attending, as well as by mail, as usual!

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21st Apr 2023, 3:03 PM
Still can't rate the comic. I'll give it a virtual five in my heart.
Firefly Jelly
21st Apr 2023, 3:36 PM
Firefly Jelly
Thank you for trying!
21st Apr 2023, 8:14 PM
This is a bit off thread, but I never really understood how baseball works. I was a big fan of Adachi Mitsuru, who wrote a ton of baseball themed mangas, but since baseball isn't popular at all I never really understood the games. So there is a guy who throws the ball, on the other side there is another one who tries to bat it, and if he does he might score a point, depending on if some other guys who run like mad around before the pitcher's team can recover the ball. It's weird.
Firefly Jelly
24th Apr 2023, 8:16 PM
Firefly Jelly
You've got the basics right. Like most sports, it's really hard to get a sense of how it works by reading a description. You need to watch a game (or, better yet, participate in a game) to get a real sense of it. People tried to explain cricket to me many times but it took viewing a couple of matches to really understand the flow of the game. Some games, like soccer, are fairly easy to describe but even then it's hard to get a sense of scale of the pitch and how the players interact with one another.
23rd Apr 2023, 11:16 PM
Sean K
In that first paragraph, Shelby displays her mad rhymez. :)
Firefly Jelly
24th Apr 2023, 8:17 PM
Firefly Jelly
Shelby likes her rhyming. She secretly composes song lyrics in her notebooks, too.
25th Apr 2023, 3:29 PM
Rick Santman
I find baseball very interesting because it's the only pro sport where the defense has complete control of the ball. A good enough pitcher and defense, along with a ladleful of luck, and the offense gets nit. Nada. Nothing.
See "no hitter" or "perfect game".
25th Apr 2023, 6:37 PM
Very true. I am only a sideways consumer of baseball (soccer is my thing), but even the chanciest no hitter grabs my attention like nothing else.